This training technique is meant for those looking to increase their muscular endurance. Muscle strength is directly related to resistance training and the amount of time your muscles spend under this resistance. We call this ‘time under tension.’ Therefore, these exercises extend the amount of time your muscles spend working in order to develop muscular endurance which directly translates to strength development.

Weight Loss program for anyone looking to shed the pounds. Losing weight can be boiled down to a science. The reason it is so hard for people to lose weight is because they don’t understand the science behind it. Well MASS Personal Training understands this science just as much as we understand your frustrations. We want to help you achieve the body of your dreams. Exercises and recommended eating habits included

These exercise will focus on strengthening the circulatory and respiratory systems of the body. Cardiovascular training is theĀ  practice of maximizing oxygen intake while exercising. Exercises will consist of running, shorter rest times between exercises, and increasing heart rate & blood flow. Benefits are increased energy, Lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, andĀ  strengthening your heart, lungs and veins.